Indian Restaurants Near Me helps to find the best restaurants in your area. Indian food is one of the best in the world. So many varieties are available for your unique taste. Indian Food comes from India. You can categorize the food into two types – South Indian and North Indian Food. Both are very different from each other. Even the taste is also different on both types of foods.

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Furthermore, It can be separated into different regions or groups. Here’s the list of regions – Gujarati food, Punjabi Tadka, Rajasthani food, Sindhi sweets and more.

5 Most Popular Dishes for Indian Restaurant foods


1. Makki di Roti & Sarson Da Saag

Maki ki Roti Saarson Ka Saag

It is a food of winter season in Punjab. Makki di Roti & Sarson Da Saag comes on the top of the list of dishes in Punjab. Now It is popular in different regions. You must try this dish before going to any other food. A dish is very nutrients and healthy for the body. It is divided into two dishes – Makki di Roti which is a bread made from corn flour (Makki Ka Atta) and Sarson da Saag is a combination of Spinach and mustard leaves. It is prepared by boiling in the water. Give us the feedback here

Have a look in the pictures how it looks like. Delicious! Grab the one near Indian Restaurants.

2. South Indian Dosa


As you can see the name of the dish belongs to South Indian food. Yes, It is true that South Indian is the origin of Dosa. Even Dosa is very popular in North Indian Restaurants. You can buy food anywhere in India. Dosa has also traveled worldwide which is very tasty food.

Three types of foods are included in the Dosa – Sambar, and Dosa with Chutneys. It is also prepared in many variations like Uthappam, Paper Dosa, Masala Dosa, Paneer Dosa and many more. You can start with Masala Dosa. I believe that you will enjoy the food at an extreme level.

3. Butter Paneer

paneer butter

Butter Paneer is the most popular cuisine in Indian Restaurants. It is made of Cheese and cream. The food is mildly spiced with red gravy look. The flavor of the dish is extremely tasty. Originally from Punjab, North Indian Dish. It is very healthy food to eat with Indian bread. When the dish is ready, use the butter over it to making for flavored and tasty food.

Butter Paneer is one of the popular dishes in India or Indian Restaurants. Now it is also delivered in the world. Find the Indian Restaurants nearby. Calories are very high in the food.

4. Daal Makhani

Dal makhani

Again, Daal Makhani is a very popular food in Punjab. Yes, Punjabi’s are very foody and flavored people in the world. Even It is a favorite food among all the people in India. It has a very delicious taste. South Indians also love Daal Makhani dish. It is made of Kidney beans and black lentils. Makhani means butter which is used in the dish. It is a combination of Kidney beans, black lentils, Butter and Milk Cream. It is high in calories.

5. Vada Pav

vada pav

Vada Pav is a very famous fast food among all the people in South Indian Restaurants. Now it is traveled to Northern India as well as worldwide. The origin of the food is Maharashtra or Mumbai. It is prepared with fried potato and bread with Green Chilly, Ginger and mint paste. It is served with green chilly paste and red chilly powder. Vada Pav has very high spices. The taste is incredibly delicious. Know more

I hope you all like the 5 famous dishes in Indian Restaurants near me. Above are the just pieces of advice. Try it your own risk.